Chapter 1

The Road Back Basics

ROAD BACK Program is a very specific, heavily researched, proven program. This program is designed to help people get off all types of psychoactive medications while reducing to almost zero the crippling side effects often associated with coming off the medication. With the recent advancements of this program, many people are now using the principles of this program for their general health, even if they have never used drugs or medications. The basics of the body are the same whether medication withdrawal is your goal or not and the same successes are available.

Newly formulated psychoactive medications seem to incessantly roll out of research labs into distribution. Nevertheless, we have found over the years that no matter what the drug’s formulation, The Road Back Program is still effective. Since you are reading this book you most likely understand, firsthand, the side effects that are possible with psychoactive medications and are looking for real answers.

Which Side Effects Are You Suffering From?

Due to the widely varying circumstances of the many people who will read this book, we have outlined several scenarios delineating where you might now stand, and how The Road Back Program will apply to you.

If you are not on a medication, read through the chapters of this book. This will increase your understanding of what is probably happening within your body and guide you through steps you can take for general health, as well as what you can do to eliminate anxiety, depression, insomnia and a host of conditions.

Many of you are in the middle of withdrawal when you find this book. We want you to know, how you feel can be remedied and this can be accomplished quickly. Read all chapters of the book and feel free to contact us at The Road Back for guidance. Pay close attention to the chapter, What to Do if You Are Already in Withdrawal or Quit Your Medication Cold Turkey if that applies to you. If you are on a medication and have not started to taper yet, take your time, read through the material found in this book, get with your prescribing physician and have your full taper plan in place.

If you are already off a drug or medication and an extended period of time has passed, The Road Back Program can still assist. This scenario is often referred to as “protracted withdrawal.” You may be sensitive to most supplements and foods by now and completely on edge. The Road Back Program should still be of benefit, it may take a little tweaking and we do suggest you contact us for an individualized program.

I urge you to not give up hope. This program should get you fully recovered from the medication.