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Why supplements are part of The Road Back Program

In 1999, Jim Harper began assisting people off their psychotropic medications. After two years of using the standard approach he developed, JIm knew a different approach needed to be used. In 1999, Jim published how to gradually reduce these medications and his approach eventually became the standard withdrawal method in the medical community.

What Jim found was; a slow and gradual reduction worked to a degree but for 50% of the population, even a slow and gradual reduction would not be enough for them to wothdrawal off their medication. In 2001, Jim began trying a few supplements with people to see if it would reduce the withdrawal side effects. It did but not to the point Jim knew it needed to.

It took Jim until 2004, to formulate supplements that were specifically formulated to assist a person off the medication. It also took Jim starting a DNA testing lab in 2004, to gather the information to finally formulate these supplements.

Since 2004, the formulas have changed as Jim continued his research. The current formulations are the longest running formulas Jim has used.

Quoting Jim, “There are some excellent supplements on the market. Some fantastic ones. But not if you are taking a psychoactive medication. All of these medication metabolize using a specific pathway or pathways in the liver and your individual DNA plays a significant role with how fast or slow the medications will metabolize. Some supplements will alter the rate the medications can metabolize. You do not want that!”