Chapter 20

Once Off All Medication


If anyone ever deserved a celebration party for an accomplishment, it is you. You not only made it off your medication, but also adhered to a schedule most other people have never had to confront. Only you can know what I mean.

As stated earlier in this book, you should continue taking all supplements for 45 days after the last dosage of the medication. It takes about 20 days for the liver enzymes used to metabolize the medication to return to a normal state, and depending on your own DNA, about 19 days for the medication to fully clear your body.

Continue writing in your Daily Journal during this ending of the program. The supplements used during the program are not addictive and there is no withdrawal from these natural products. However, if you were lacking the nutrients found in a specific supplement and you discontinue using it, you may feel a letdown or a negative change.

This would be the same feeling any person would have, even if they have never used these medications. Omega 3 is needed in our diet. The human body needs an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from a food source to work at an optimum level. If there were one supplement you would continue taking after the 45-days have passed, it would be Omega 3 Supreme fish oil.

Once off all medication for 45 days, it is advisable to get a complete physical exam with specific attention to hormones, adrenals, your immune system and insulin/glucose: an all-natural treatment, by a healthcare provider who fully understands that this intricate system is needed.

We strongly urge you to keep taking the JNK Formula you have used during the program for the full 45-days after the last dosage of your medication. The JNK gene needs to be held in check for the body to have time to heal.

What to Do With Supplements

After you are off the medication for around 20 days, you may need to begin reducing some of the supplements.

Neuro Day – Reducing the Neuro Day to 1 capsule a day might be needed after 20 days off the medication if you are now feeling tired in the daytime.

JNK Formula – Not a bad idea to stay at the 2 capsules a day with the JNK Formula. If you wish to reduce to 1 capsule a day you can. Just watch for returning symptoms and if they come back increase back to the 2 capsules a day.

Omega 3 Supreme – If you are taking 1 of the Omega 3 in the morning and at noon, you can reduce the Omega 3 down to 1 softgel in the morning. If any head symptoms reappear, increase the Omega 3 back up.

Once again, congratulations on completing The Road Back Program and may your journey in life from this point forward be ever-expanding.