Chapter 21

What Can Be Done If You Have Never Taken Psychoactive Medication

If you are suffering from anxiety, stress that does not seem to end, fatigue or a host of symptoms, you absolutely have an alternative to psychoactive medication. First: Get a complete physical and have the physician rule out all disease or illness. There can be life events that were the direct cause of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue and more. Usually, these feelings go away on their own in a matter of days or weeks without you doing anything other than letting some time pass.

If you lost your job and no matter how hard you search you can’t find gain-full employment, which is depressing and stressful on all of us. It does not mean you now have an illness as some would like to make you believe. If you found the job you were looking for the depression and stress would vanish overnight. The answer is a job that pays what you need. You do not suddenly have a lifelong chemical imbalance due to unemployment.

These medications are strong, some are truly addicting, and all of the drugs are life altering. The question is how your life will be altered.

When depression, anxiety, stress, and/or fatigue begin, other factors also play a role in general health. Levels of hormones, adrenals, glucose, cortisol and other functions can become drained, imbalanced or overly stimulated. Psychoactive medications, in part, are designed to regulate all of these functions to some degree, but they ultimately affect these functions by altering other chemicals in the brain and body. Read Chapter 4, Drug Side Effects again if needed to gain a full understanding of the risk/reward.

Second: If you are diagnosed with a disease or illness, make sure the diagnosis is from an objective test – not a subjective analysis. As of this writing, all mental disorders are diagnosed with subjective tests.

Later in this chapter you will find possible solutions for symptoms you may be experiencing. One example is using the JNK Capsules, Neuro Day, for anxiety symptoms. These supplements do not cure disease or illness. With that in mind, if you feel the anxiety vanish once you begin using these supplements, you must not have had an Anxiety Disorder. If you were diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, take the JNK supplement and Neuro Endure Mini, and if you no longer feel the fatigue, you were misdiagnosed. Misdiagnoses can and does happen more often than not.

If a diagnosis of ADHD is presented, then you take JNK Capsules and Neuro Day. Again, these supplements do not cure or prevent disease or illness. If you feel the major positive changes after using these supplements, your body was just lacking those nutrients.

If you are hearing voices, experiencing ringing in the ears, seem to be manic and then feel depressed and you take the JNK Capsules and the Neuro Day, and those symptoms vanish, you were never bipolar, schizophrenic: you greatly lacked the nutrients found in those supplements.

Good-meaning, well-intentioned physicians often feel like they must prescribe psychoactive medication or face the threat of malpractice. One senior partner in a law firm refused to even read this book. Why? His answer was, “If there is a way to taper off psychoactive drugs, we would no longer have a case.” If you receive a clean bill of health from your physician, there are suggestions and probable solutions.

Read Chapter 3, Nutritionals Used on The Road Back Program and locate the supplement/s that pertains to how you feel. The supplements work quickly, and you will probably experience relief faster than you ever imagined.

If you have just lost a loved one, there are no supplements or medications that will replace the loss. The most psychoactive medication will do is deaden the feelings experienced because of the loss. The most a good supplement will do is assist the body to not succumb to the continued drain put on it because of the feeling of loss. The Road Back of course, is unable to handle the life reason for anxiety, stress, depression or even fatigue. However, we can assist your body to not succumb to the physical stressors being put on it daily from emotional trauma.

Hundreds of clinical trials have shown that people with anxiety; stress, fatigue and depression have low levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidant levels and more. These clinical trials point to the fact that a person will suffer a depletion of these vital nutrients if they are put under enough stress or duress for a period of time.

Our goal here is to point out a few things you can do to help your body maintain general health and well-being while you address the real reason for the problem you are experiencing.

If an emotion continues beyond some arbitrary “they should be over it by now” time period, psychoactive medications come into play. Neither these drugs nor supplements will help you “realize” or have an “earth shattering realization” about why you have felt that way for such a long time or remove the loss you feel. They will not.

Psychoactive medication may block the emotion, but the emotion will need to be dealt with at some time in the future, unless you just wish to feel “flat- lined” forever.

Most people tell us, in hindsight, they would have been better off dealing with the emotion when it happened, instead of putting it off for months or years and then dealing with the emotion on top of the drug withdrawal.

This is why The Road Back suggests using a few supplements. Again, the supplements are not going to solve the problem or underlying condition. They will only help maintain the body’s general health and well-being and give you the chance to address the original problem.