Dilantin Withdrawal

Withdrawal from Dilantin no longer needs to be grueling and suffering from the Dilantin withdrawal side effects can be a thing of the past.

You are now on The Road Back website, we are located in the United States, offer assistance for free and most importantly we show you what you can do right now for Dilantin withdrawal without the need to purchase a book. Click Program above to read the book.

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The Road Back Program was started in 1999 and with well over 19 million people using this information, we are the largest out-patient drug withdrawal program in the world. Over the past decades the program has changed considerably with new research, breakthroughs and by listening to what people using the program have told us.

All the clinical studies in the world by medical professionals are worthless if they do not lead to a person feeling better and doing better in life regarding Dilantin side effects and Dilantin withdrawal. There was a time not so long ago the medical community felt Dilantin was not addictive. In 2012, the Surgeon General for the U.S. Army acknowledged Dilantin was not just addictive but he went further to remove Dilantin from the psychoactive drug list approved to give our troops.

Well intentioned physicians may still believe Dilantin is not addictive but this does not make them a bad physician, it does mean they are still uninformed about Dilantin. The point I wish to make with the above text is clinical studies may be accurate or they may even be completely false, we at The Road Back as well as physician’s need to listen to each of you. If the goal is to assist people off Dilantin and have the person feel well during the Dilantin tapering, we need to listen to you and not clinical studies only.

This program was developed by taking Dilantin clinical studies and putting that information to use. Some of the information has worked quite well, while other information turned out to be worthless. An example of this regarding Dilantin: If Dilantin is used for a prolonged period of time the Dilantin will deplete the B vitamin biotin from the body. A deficiency of biotin will cause numbness or tingling of the extremities, a reaction to loud noise or a reaction to bright light which could also include seizures. This is a biotin deficiency and not a medical problem. Put the right amount of biotin back in the body and these symptoms vanish. It is that simple.

This program is a culmination of 24-years of work and 24-years of success. None of us are exactly the same; the Dilantin side effects you may be experiencing may not be the same Dilantin side effects experienced by others, how you do while tapering the Dilantin may not be the same for others, you may be able to taper Dilantin a little faster than average or you may need to take this a little slower.

There are some basics that apply to all people though when it comes to being able to withdrawal from Dilantin. We take those basics, the list of side effects from the Dilantin drug approval process and from these, you have our program. This program is designed to guide you through the Dilantin withdrawal process.

You start out with what we call the Pre-Taper. The Pre-Taper are things you start doing before you ever reduce the Dilantin.

Two of the side effects that tend to be common with each person taking Dilantin are daytime anxiety and insomnia. Unless we can handle these two side effects, there really would not be a Dilantin withdrawal program. These two side effects are that debilitating when left out of control. Once the daytime anxiety and insomnia are under control, other Dilantin side effects you may be experiencing have a chance of simply going away on their own because they were anxiety and sleep related.

It would be hard to argue that constant anxiety on top of no sleep would not cause a person stress. We have a gene in our cells called the JNK gene. This gene becomes too active when stress is chronic and this over activation of the JNK gene will lead to other body problems and some of those problems can be mentally related in time. So we also want to reduce the over activation of the JNK gene during the pre-taper and keep this gene in check throughout the taper process as well.

Natural supplements can be used to regulate the JNK gene, anxiety and insomnia. The Dilantin creates a metabolic disorder bringing some enzymes too high and when the flow of the metabolic system becomes stuck or flowing too profusely the body can’t handle it and a cascading effect takes place. You may become anxious due to the calcium firing erratically or by the adrenals out of balance or a host of proteins being too abundant or even too few.

You will start the Pre-Taper by taking a supplement called JNK Capsules. This supplement contains botanicals that have been proven to regulate the JNK gene, reduce stress, and put back in the cells what the benzodiazepines have stripped out and more. As stated earlier, long term use of a benzodiazepine or anticonvulsant will create an inadequate amount of the B vitamin biotin. Biotin has been included in the JNK Capsule formula to address this issue. A metabolic disorder will take place with Dilantin usage in an area called nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase. These are also known as NO/NOS. Too much NO will overwhelm NOS and then a substance called NMDA will go out of balance and this will lead to the misfiring of calcium. Here you have the rapid start of anxiety and the start of insomnia.

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How you take the supplements is critical for success. Click here to read the chapter in How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely that pertains to, how to take the supplements.