Chapter 5

Thinhs to Be Aware Of

THERE ARE SEVERAL medical situations you need to be aware of before you start this program. First let me repeat, check with your doctor before starting this program. Medically and physically, do this for your health and safety as you travel through this process.

I understand there could be a problem; possibly your doctor does not support tapering off the medication.

This is your journey. Find those who will help you travel the proven successful road laid out for you.

Physical Conditions and Drug Interactions

Many people have contacted me over the years, asking about their activities and/or medications taken and whether they can use these in combination with The Road Back Program. My answer? Check with your doctor about medications and how these could interact with other supplements, vitamins, drugs and so on. Having said that, I know various medical conditions and/or drugs could possibly interfere with this program, including the following:1. Blood thinners and heart medication Omega 3 and vitamin E both thin the blood. Taking either of these supplements, in conjunction with a medication that is already thinning your blood, could be contra- indicated, or not advised. If your blood pressure is too low or too high and you are taking medication in an attempt to correct that condition, you need to closely monitor your blood pressure.2. Clotting agents If you are on medication for your heart get with your physician before starting this program.3. Diabetes Medication If you are diabetic and taking medication to raise or lower glucose levels, when using this program you need to monitor your glucose levels closely. The JNK Formula, will probably bring your glucose levels back to a normal range quickly and if you are taking medication to lower your glucose level you will find the need for a piece of fruit quickly in order to get your glucose level up again. The problem is the drug you are taking, not the supplement.

The supplements work dramatically and quickly to balance out our bodily functions.

Alternative Therapies

While I have personally seen the results from natural health and healing practices, each has its own purpose and end result. Additionally, I have found they can too often be counter-productive when used in conjunction with The Road Back Program. Any alternative therapy or health practice that recommends additional nutrients, supplements, vitamins, drips, sprays, drinks and methodologies can and do exacerbate, aggravate or make worse, the very sensitive process we are trying to guide you through now.

Due to your drugs, your system is essentially balanced on the “head of a pin,” meaning that your tolerance for anything can be, or is, very limited.

The Road Back Program has been researched and developed around very specific parameters, undercutting any other health products. While these other health products might be great in a healthy, balanced body, they often do not mix well with psychoactive medications and your tapering process. Right now, you need to slowly and safely taper off your drug. Add other health products back into your daily regime after you have completed this venture. Once completely and safely off the drug, by all means, help yourself.

While on The Road Back Program, taking various health products adds one more thing to an already overloaded system. Therefore, I emphatically recommend you evaluate these alternative therapies, practices, nutritional items and restrict them until successfully completing your program. Specifically, anything that moves medications too rapidly or inhibits their metabolism through your body should be avoided.