Chapter 13

ADD, ADHD, Medication and Stimulants Pre-Taper

Starting Your Pre Taper

If you are wondering how you will feel once you are off the medication or during the withdrawal portion of the program, you are not alone and that is a normal question. Most people begin to feel a major improvement once they start the pre- taper and the rest feel a positive change once the medication begins to be reduced. I am assuming you were prescribed this class of medication for Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The pre-taper and the supplements used in this program will not only help eliminate withdrawal, but will probably give your body some basic nutrients it was lacking before the diagnosis and are probably one of the root causes of the symptoms you experienced.

What to do Next:

1. Consult with your prescribing physician and/or pharmacist and layout your drug taper schedule.

2. Plan out the second and third reduction of the medication as well at this point to ensure you are ready with the correct dosages of the drug. Once you have read all of the pre-taper section proceed to Chapter 17, “How to Taper ADD, ADHD Medication and Stimulants” and fully read it as well.

The Pre-Taper

For the next 7-days you will be doing your pre-taper. You do not reduce your medication during the pre-taper.

Goal of Pre-Taper is the drastic reduction or elimination of all major side effects.

Supplements You Will Take:

JNK Formula

Neuro Day

Neuro Night


ADHD medication is different from other psychoactive medications during withdrawal. You might alternate from being anxious and having insomnia one week and then fatigued and dull for the next few weeks and then back again to anxious and not able to sleep.

The JNK Formula might handle both ends of the spectrum but it may not be able to completely eliminate the anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and a dull feeling.

The Neuro Day and Neuro Night should do wonders for you with any other symptoms.

JNK Formula – Take 1 capsule of the JNK in the morning first thin. Take the second JNK Formula roughly 4 to 5 hours later.

Neuro Day – Take 1 capsule in the morning 1 hour after the morning JNK Formula. Take a second Neuro Day 4 to 5 hours later.

Neuro Night – Take 2 capsules 15 minutes before bedtime. If you still do not have a sound sleep after 3 nights of this try taking the Neuro Night a little earlier before going to be.

Refer to Chapter 3, “Nutritionals Used on The Road Back Program” for additional information. Make sure to keep your daily Journal and Daily Graphs. The pre- taper is really this simple. Do the pre-taper for 7 full days and then proceed to tapering off the medication.