IF YOU ARE IN WITHDRAWAL CLICK HERE   Free book - How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely Click Here Tips on How to Become Drug Free Click here Tips on Becoming Drug Free Gradual is the key word here. If you are taking a drug and you have a legal prescription for the drug, the process can be much easier. You would slowly and gradually reduce the drug. What about illegal use of the drug? If you have a legal prescription for the drug you are taking, have the prescribing physician write you a prescription for no more than a 10% reduction of the drug. Reduce the drug by the 10% every 14-days. With the last two reductions of the drug, reduce by 5% and another 5% to complete the process. If you are taking the drug without a prescription, reducing the drug as close to 10% every 14-days is ideal. And with the last two reductions, as close to 5% as you can. If you are taking the drug every day do not skip days as a way to reduce the drug. This puts you in withdrawal one day and an overdose type effect the next day. Use the supplement Neuro Endure to help with withdrawal side effects. Ideally, you would have the Neuro Endure on hand before reducing the drug. If you are already reducing the drug and do not have the Neuro Endure yet, stay at the amount of the drug you are taking, get the Neuro Endure and take it for 3 full days and then continue reducing the drug. Relief should come that quickly with the Neuro Endure. You would take 1 tablet of the Neuro Endure 3 times a day, 5 hours apart. Neuro Endure is manufactured and distributed by Neuro Genetic Solutions. Click here for their shopping cart. We have helped over 50,000 people become drug free since 1999. We know what we are doing. What you decide to do or not do at this point in time, you will remember later. We want that memory to be a good memory! Our support is free and we want to assist all we can. Send us an e-mail to info@theroadback.org We can guide you through the process.