IF YOU ARE IN WITHDRAWAL CLICK HERE   Free book - How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely Click Here Tips on How to Become Drug Free Click here The Science Behind Withdrawal What The Drug Has Done What Neuro Endure Will Do There is no way to explain this without being a little technical at times. We will do our best to make this understandable and as easy to read as possible. All humans have a gene and enzymes called JNK. The JNK genes and JNK enzymes become overly activated when any drug or alcohol is consumed. The role of the JNK is to kill off cells that have been affected by a toxic substance. This is why you have cellular death when when taking the type of drugs mentioned here. From the first time the drug was taken, the JNK will stay over activated for 14-days. After 14-days of over activation the JNK reduces its activity and goes back to normal once again. Any time you miss a day of the drug and restart the drug again, the JNK will become over active again for 14-days. If you change the dosage of the drug, the JNK becomes reactivated again. Once you completely stop a drug, the JNK becomes reactivated again and remains reactivated for 28-days. Alcohol does pretty much the same thing with the JNK but the activation of the JNK duration is not as long as with drugs. The JNK is split into 3 separate areas within the body. These are called pathways and the one pathway we are most interested in is called JNK3 pathway that goes directly to the brain. The brain region where cellular death happens is the frontal lobes. Studies have shown the behaviour changes that take place after using these drugs only starts after the JNK is overly active. Studies also show the brain cells begin to regrow again once the drug is stopped and the JNK becomes dormant again. This is the case even with methamphetamine usage. Reduce the over activation of the JNK and recovery is possible and it is not possible until that is done. The ingredients in the Neuro Endure are Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC), Bacopa Monnieri (BM) and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC). ALC and NAC reduce the over activation of the JNK. BM is used in the Neuro Endure to help with mood. Both the ALC and NAC will cross the blood-brain-barrier and enter the cells in the frontal lobes. These is where the benefit comes from with the Neuro Endure and why the Neuro Endure is effective with withdrawal side effects. The side effects from these drugs and alcohol originates from the frontal lobes. You may have leg pain, cramps or more side effects in other parts of your body, beside the brain region, but the original source of the withdrawal is coming from the brain region. Pain medication, street drugs and alcohol have a tolerance level. Meaning, a certain amount used each day no longer has the same effect and the amount used daily must be increased to maintain the same effect. When you use Neuro Endure, you no longer reach a tolerance level on the substance and you do not need to keep going to larger amounts for the same effect. The BM is fantastic for mood but the ALC is what will handle the anxiety as well as insomnia. The amount of each ingredient in the Neuro Endure is at a therapeutic amount. They need to be that high of an amount in order to breakthrough the withdrawal side effects.