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Chapter Eight

Graph Your Success

It will greatly help you track your progress and allow you to look back at how far you have come by using a graph for each symptom you are rating each day.

Below, you will see an example of how to fill in the graph. The next page is a blank graph for you to copy or recreate on your own.

Pre-Taper / Taper (Circle one) Day # _____, Step # _____


This type of daily trend is normal during the beginning of the pre-taper. If you have already quit taking the medication and are suffering from withdrawal side effects, make sure you use these graphs. I understand that you need hope, and you being able to see for yourself may very well be that hope that allows you to continue and make it back.

Once you have graphed each day and symptom for a period of time, you will be able to see a long-term trend. You can place each graph side-by-side to easily see how you have rated yourself for several weeks and what your trend is for each symptom.

Daily Graph




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