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Chapter 2

The Four Simple Steps


Do Not Stop Your Medications Abruptly

  • Do not “self-medicate” (adjust the medication dosage without consulting your prescribing physician).

  • Do not think you are somehow “different” regarding your medications and think you can cut your medications by 50%, or skip days of the medication, etc.

  • Keep it simple; follow the program.

  • If you are doing well and seeing results, do not change anything. Just stay on the program.

  • Remember that The Road Back Program is a systematic process.


Find Out What You Will Need for the Program

  • Read through the Pre-Taper chapter for your medication or situation.


Get a Complete Physical

  • Schedule a complete physical with your doctor.

Take this book with you and review the program with your doctor.

  • Have your physician rule out any actual physical illness or disease.


  • Purchase Your Supplements and Get Started

  • Go to and locate a distributor nearest you and purchase the supplements needed for your personal program.