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Ativan Withdrawal

Withdrawal from Ativan needs to be methodical and gradual. Click How to Start on the top navigation menu to read How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely. Ativan withdrawal can be accomplished.

Ativan withdrawal is accomplished by using a pre-taper method for the first week or two and then, after you feel very well again and stable, gradually reducing the Ativan. The Road Back program does not suggest you switch to a different medication, such as valium, and then taper off the Valium.

You were probably prescribed Ativan for anxiety, however, as you now know the Ativan withdrawal side effect is also anxiety. Many people become confused about this anxiety; is it a return of the old anxiety or is the anxiety part of Ativan withdrawal. One way to tell; if the anxiety started after you reduced the anxiety, it is probably Ativan withdrawal. If you developed anxiety again before reducing the Ativan, it can be due to tolerance and the current Ativan dosage simply does not work any longer or the anxiety can just be a common side effect of taking the Ativan.

The key to getting off Ativan is to do a few things before you even start reducing the Ativan in order to lower the odds of Ativan withdrawal. Slow and steady will win the race with Ativan withdrawal.

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